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Alaskan Wildlings Preorder Updates

Please check this tab every so often to stay up to date on our preorders. 

LAST UPDATED 4-05-2021

Preorder rounds 1-11

We have processed all of rounds 1-11 orders that were preordered, Unless you have an unpaid Paypal Layaway order, or mixed your order with a later preorder. 



Round 11 update:

3/31/2021- ALL orders have been processed and picked up. If you have stagnant shipping for more than 3 days please contact route shipping insurance. 

Round 12: 

4/4/21: we are hoping that this order will ship at the end of this month (April). we apologize for the delay. 

We are waiting for our manufacturer to return for a better ETA, please contact our facebook business pm to request a refund before 3/1/2021

Round 13: Will close April 5th (when my computer is returned and I’m able to pull the prints). I have fixed PayPal laybuy, this will give time to those who needed that form of payment. Unfortunately sezzle does not work for preorder only sites, I’m trying to figure out a work around. 

Round 14: Is live! 

Diaper bags: All orders have been processed. 

Inserts: we will open another round once we receive this next shipment. 

 inserts R5- are on the way to us as of today 4/5/21